3 Little-Known Advantages to Incorporating a Garden Window into Your Kitchen

Plants On Kitchen Garden Window

Garden windows are a type of window that is designed in such a way that the interior section creates shelf space and the exterior window protrudes out from the sides of the home. In short, once this type of window is placed, it creates a type of glass box.

They are referred to as “garden windows” because of the fact that the space provided is most commonly utilized to grow various types of plants indoors.

In this guide, you will be provided with information that outlines 3 little-known advantages of incorporating a garden window into the kitchen of your home. 

  1. Indoor Gardening 

The first little-known advantage is the fact that garden windows provide you with a space for creating an indoor gardening. You may grow herbs year-round, vegetables, and even place decorative plants.

While gardening seems like an obvious benefit of garden windows, it is the fact that an indoor garden offers many benefits.

The plants that you place in the window may purify the air, ward off any potential pest-based intruders (such as flies), and aid in boosting your mood! 

  1. Increased Natural Lighting 

The next advantage to placing a garden window in your kitchen is the fact that the room will experience an increased level of natural lighting. You will find that the room is brighter, feels lighter, and instantly becomes more inviting. Not only does increased natural lighting improve the appearance of your kitchen, but it can improve your mood and help in optimizing your overall health! 

  1. Reduced Energy Costs 

Once you have a garden window installed in your kitchen, you will quickly find that your energy costs start to decline. First, the increased natural lighting helps in offsetting the cost of artificial lighting.

Second, the replacement window will have a high level of energy efficiency. That means, it will keep your indoor climate consistent by not letting air out and it keeps outdoor air from seeping indoors.

Finally, the windows provide higher levels of ventilation to your kitchen. Instead of using overhead stove fans and similar products, you can ventilate the kitchen by simply opening the side panels of your garden window! 


In addition to the benefits outlined above, garden windows also enhance the view that you have outside of your home, expand the amount of storage space that you have, and drastically increase the overall resale value of your home. These are beautiful additions that complement the architectural style of all homes. 

If you have an interest in getting replacement windows, start by adding at least one garden window to your kitchen. We here at Chattahoochee Windows offer a large variety of window types. Our garden window selection remains to be one of the most popular by homeowners.

In addition to garden windows, we offer single and double-hung windows, awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, casement windows, and high-performance windows. Contact us today and allow us to help choose the best type of window for your needs: 770-904-9909

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