Single & Double Hung Windows

Which is best for your individual situation?

What’s the Difference?

Now that you are ready to start the process of adding or replacing the windows throughout your home, there are several factors that should be considered. These include the overall price, the style, and the level of energy efficiency that you desire.

You will quickly discover that there are several features and styles to compare. Each comes with their own installation requirements and that should be considered, too.

In addition to all of this, you should become familiar with the types of windows that are most commonly chosen for residences.

The two most popular are single-hung windows and double-hung windows.

What’s the Difference Between Single-Hung Windows and Double-Hung Windows?

Before explaining the difference between the single-hung and the double-hung window, we feel it is important to first provide an overview of the term, “hung”. This word describes the number of the operable sashes of a window.

Both the single-hung and the double-hung window options available have a total of two sashes. The difference is, the upper sash situated on a single-hung window is stationary and the upper sash on the double-hung window is operable. While it may seem like only a minor difference, that single differences result in numerous differences on each type of window in terms of the performance and the overall level of functionality.

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