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Bring the Beautiful and Inviting Outdoors into Your Home

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Bring the Beautiful and Inviting Outdoors into Your Home and Create a Unique Interior Design Scheme with Garden Windows

Here at Chattahoochee Windows, we believe that the home is the sanctuary. We offer a broad range of gorgeous and fully-functional garden windows that will allow you to bring the beauty and appeal of the great outdoors, without sacrificing your comfort. These high-quality, carefully-crafted window systems will allow you to enjoy fresh plants, flowers, herbs, and more throughout the entire year! With the integrated screened vented units, you can rest assured that your plants have the optimal environment for growth.

The garden window variety line that we offer is highly durable and created using the highest quality materials and glass. Our systems will not blister, peel, or chip. They are designed to withstand ultraviolet ray exposure and all types of environmental conditions. You will never have to scrap off damaged pieces or paint over sun-tinted splotches. In addition to quality construction and associated components, the glass is insulated to ensure optimal energy efficiency and at least one inch in thickness.

Each of our garden windows include a deep seat board. This allows for plenty of room to create an accent area for your favorite plants, flowers, and herbs. Very little maintenance – apart from cleaning the glass on occasion and dusting -is required with these luxurious garden window systems. Best of all, all components and hardware that comes with the installation is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction!

Features and Benefits:

  • The main frame of each garden window system is fully welded to ensure that it exhibits the highest level of strength and overall durability.
  • There are onboard casements that are double-sealed and completely screened to ensure that you have optimal protection from all types of weather.
  • The locking system on our garden windows here at Chattahoochee Windows are multi-pointed. This means that they provide you with the highest level of security and have the tightest seal of all garden windows currently available on the market.
  • The glass panel on the garden windows that we offer are completely insulated, top-sloped, and completely tempered to offer the highest level of product integrity.
  • The head and the seat board of each garden window system is completely assembled so that the installation is simple and quick!

If you are ready to change up the personality of your home and reduce your carbon footprint by engaging in the cultivation of your favorite plants, flowers, and herbs, contact us at Chattahoochee Windows today to get your free quote on our garden window product line: 770-904-9909

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