What – Exactly – Makes a Window for the Home Energy Efficient?

Window Panes

If you are shopping for replacement windows for the home, it is quite likely that you have stumbled upon those that claim to be energy efficient. You may be wondering what makes those windows energy efficient. In this brief guide, we hope to answer that question for you.

In short, a window that is energy efficient is one that has multiple panes of glass, a high-quality framing unit, a coating of low-e, gas-filled spaces located in-between the panes, and pane spacers. Continue reading to learn more about each of these components. 

Multiple Panes of Glass 

Windows that boast of energy efficiency will have two to three different panels of glass. These panels are then sandwiched against one another with specially-designed spacer units.

Air pockets are then established between the glass panels. Special gases are filled in-between the panels and then all are sealed shut. All of this comes together to ensure optimal efficiency. 

High-Quality Framing 

While multiple glass panels are necessary to creating energy efficient windows, so is high-quality framing. The best framing materials are vinyl, fiberglass, clad-wood, and wood.

The goal when picking out the frame is to ensure that the frame reduces the heat transfer of the window and provides a solid level of insulation. 

Low-E Coatings

The next component of an energy efficient window is a low-e coating placed on the glass. These coatings control the method of the heat energy from the sun and its movement.

These coatings also prevent the ultraviolet light and the infrared light from entering into the home; however, light is still allowed to permeate through the glass. 

Gas Filling 

Windows that are energy efficient have a gas filling placed between the glass panels. This helps to properly insulate the windows. The most common types of gases used are argon and krypton. There are other types of available on the market, too.

All are odorless, colorless, and are not toxic. You should talk to the company that installs the replacement windows on your home to determine the best gas filler. 

Window Spacers

The final component to energy efficient windows is the window spacers that are installed on the products. These are designed to insulate the pane edges within the window.

In turn, this reduces the level of heat transfer of the window. You may choose from non-metal window spacers and window spacers that are considered to be metal hybrids. 

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