What Is Window Cladding?

If you own an older home, it is quite likely that you love the appeal and the feel of windows composed of real wood. Not only does this type of material aid in maintaining the classic look of older architectural styles, it creates a unique persona for the structure because of its unique texture.

Wood is one of the most durable materials available on the market and serves as an optimal insulator. If well-maintained, wood is capable of lasting for centuries. Unfortunately, wood does come with its own level of vulnerabilities. 

First, if not maintained properly, the general integrity and the overall functionality of wood windows may suffer. If the wood in the window is not stained or not painted on a regular basis, it could result in swelling when exposed to high levels of humidity.

In turn, this could result in the development of warping, rotting, and mold development. If you want to optimize the durability of your wood windows, one solution is window cladding. In this brief guide, you will learn about window cladding and the advantages associated with it. 

Window Cladding – The Basics 

Window cladding is – in short – a cover composed of either metal or vinyl. It is placed over the wooden core of a window on the exterior side of the home. This helps provide a high level of weather resistance, which is designed to preserve the wood.

The cladding is not typically installed over the wood on the interior of the home. Instead, that wood is left visible. The main reason is that the interior wood surfaces are not exposed to harsh environmental conditions that may prove detrimental to the wood’s appearance and health.

Additionally, this exposed wood allows you to enjoy the appearance of the traditional material while in the home. 

The Advantages 

If you want to protect the wood windows of your home, there are many benefits associated with having window cladding installed. These include the following:

  1. Once the cladding is in place, you no longer have to worry about the standard maintenance of the exterior wood. This includes having to stain, paint, and/or seal the wood. Once it is protected by cladding, you are not required to take any additional steps. 
  2. The cladding that is installed to your windows may be handpicked so that it matches the exterior of your home – regardless of what type of siding is on the structure. 
  3. Window cladding is highly beneficial in boosting the insulation capabilities of the home. 
  4. If window cladding is placed over wood windows, the energy efficiency of the home is optimized. You may reduce the carbon footprint of your home and enjoy lower utility costs. 
  5. When cladding is placed on a wood window, you no longer have to worry about the wood suffering as a result of environmental conditions – such as wind, rain, and snow. The cladding protects the window from damage. Additionally, it helps to prevent damage to the wall structure in the home as well as the frame. 


If you have wood windows and do not want to modernize with replacement windows, window cladding is an excellent option. If you find that cladding is not for you, we here at Chattahoochee Windows specialize in a large assortment of replacement window types.

Simply contact us today and we will share the products that we carry. By working together, we can determine the best types of replacement windows for your home and help you complete your home improvement project fast! Simply contact us today by calling the following number: 770-904-9909

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