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Gain Weight - With These 10 Healthy High Calorie Foods.

In this world, where people are obsessed with losing weight and getting down to size zero for once in their lives, generally tend to forget about those who are interested in gaining weight. Have you ever made fun of someone who wants to gain weight? Yes, this is also a major problem for those who are naturally skinny and they prefer a body like Jenifer Lopez! If not the Jennifer Lopez body, I can help you to get somewhere there. They best way to gain weight is to "EAT" and eat foods that are high in calories. Get set go people and fill in your shopping carts with some healthy yet high calories foods - which will help you to get heavier and healthier.

Following are the list of foods - you need to add to your diet.

1 - Pastas - well, Hello!

Pasta has a lot of carbohydrates, but contains only 75 calories when cooked. But the other things that completes this dish are high in calories - cheese, meatballs and spaghetti. It is quite filling and also tastes delicious, juts keep in mind the quantity - and remember that you are gaining weight.

2 - Nutella - what say people?

Now, who doesn't love nutella? Everyone! Even the ones who are working hard to lose weight, likes to have a nutella a sandwich on their cheat days. This chocolate nut spread has 541 calories in 100 gm of serving and a lot of happiness. You can spread it over a whole wheat bread and eat it away to glory.

3 - Cheese - Say Cheese!

Cheese is very high in protein, calcium and calories - you can use it so many amazing ways and have a gala time with your cheesy meal. One serving of cheese has 69 calories - now it becomes your choice whether you want to make a pizza or spread it over your desired tacos.

4 - Whole Wheat Bread - Yes, it's True.

Sounds a little fishy? But a whole wheat bread has about 69 calories per slice and is also a lot healthier in comparison to the white bread. Spread some table spoons of smooth peanut butter on bread and make it perfect combination. It gives you around 192 calories and since the peanut butter is very high in protein - it gets healthy for you.

5 - Bananas - Your key to Weight Gain.

Bananas are an excellent way to gain weight as they are very high in calories and potassium. One large banana constitutes of about 120 calories and imagine if you pour some peanut butter on them for breakfast. Mark my words people - you are going to reach your desired goal weight soon.

6 - Olive Oil - Oh Yes!

Olive oil is much healthier than the normal cooking oil you use at home, it has around 40 calories in one table spoon. Since this is the healthier version of oil, you can enjoy all your fried foods and relish them. Olive oil is pure fat and is high in calories - don't shy away from having fried foods now.

7 - Chicken - Hey, Non-Vegetarians.

For those who want to gain weight, chicken is everything you ever wanted - it is tasty, it is full of nutrients and it is high in calories. Chicken breast is supposed to be the healthiest part of chicken, one serving of chicken breast gives you about 78 calories. And you can make it the way you want, what about some butter chicken? Yes, add the butter and cream and make it healthy yet high calorie dish.

8 - Chocolates - Gives You some Extra Kilos.

Did you know that a mini chocolate contains 37 calories? And they taste so good. People, who are stressed out about their weight, must have a chocolate - it will be your stress buster as well as key to weight gain. Experiment as much as you can with your chocolate - like, make a cake or melt it and have it with an ice-cream. Have it your way.

9 - Smoothies - Hungry Anyone?

Smoothies are one way you can gain weight, one serving consists of 600-700 calories. Most of you think that they are meant for losing weight and for a detox probably - but that's not true. If you mix the smoothies with some fat milk and yogurt, it can help you gain weight.

10 - Ice Cream - We All Scream For An Ice Cream.

Who wants an Ice Cream? Off course, all of us want one. But people who looking for a weight gain, must grab one. It is a healthy choice, but don't have it 3 times a day. An ice cream contains more than 200 calories per serving. Have it in a healthier manner and become heavier.

Gaining weight can be difficult, but if you work hard and eat all these mouthwatering yet healthy foods - you will get there. And if nothing works - take a nap, yes sleeping helps you gain weight.

Posted in Home_Improvement Post Date 11/26/2020






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