Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for High-Performance Replacement Windows

If you are in the process of renovating an existing home, the windows are a great place to start. Replacement windows are designed to offer higher levels of naturing lighting and a completely refreshed look to the home.

There are many benefits to opting for replacement windows. These include increased home value, enhanced safety and security, optimized comfort, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced curb appeal.

High-performance windows are among the best on the market. There are many factors that must be considered when shopping for these types of windows. In this guide, we will introduce you to a few of these factors. 

One Size Does NOT Fit All 

While it is true that many windows are designed to work across many climates, housing types, and even sun-based orientations, this is not true for high performance windows. There is no set standard that is that will match every area, every home, etc.

When shopping for high performance windows, you must determine which ones are suitable for your climate. For example, if you live in the North, you will want a window that has a U-Factor of .27 to .30.

If you live in the South, you will want to choose one with a U-Factor of – at least – .40. To determine the best for your climate, consult with the company where you make your purchase and/or the company that will handle the install for you. 

The NFRC Label 

The NFRC is a group that specializes in the performance of windows. The certification from this group is required for a window to receive the Energy Star qualification.

The factors outlined on this label include the U-Factor, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, the Visible Transmittance, and Air Leakage.

When purchasing high-performance replacement windows, it is imperative that you determine what type of specifications should be met on the NFRC label for your region. 


Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of windows typically offer many different types of glazing options. Windows that are created within the United States are known to have glazing that offers a higher level of insulation than the specific frame for that window.

When shopping for replacement windows, you may certainly choose those that have double panes or triple panes, but the glazing is going to be the real distinguishing factor when it comes to insulation for your home. 

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