3 Popular Types of Vinyl Windows for Homeowners Seeking Replacements

It does not matter if you find that one or more of the windows in your home is damaged, you want to modernize your home, or you are just in search of a home renovation project that will enhance both the appeal and value of your home, replacement windows may prove to be a large undertaking.

That is, unless you find a company that is willing to aid with the project. We here at Chattahoochee Windows take great pride in providing top-notch customer service and high-quality vinyl windows. We will work with you every step of the way.

To initiate that process, in this guide, we will share with you the 3 most popular types of vinyl windows among today’s homeowners. 

What Are Vinyl Windows? 

Prior to delving into the types of vinyl windows that hold a high level of popularity, we feel it is important to first explain what vinyl windows are. These windows are composed of polyvinyl chloride, which is most commonly known as “PVC”.

This is created using specialized blends of chlorine and ethylene. In short, it is a manmade plastic-like material. Vinyl windows emerged in the mid-1900s.

Since that time, they have gained immense popularity due to their being resistant to weather, rotting, and the development of decay. Today, vinyl windows are considered one of the most durable and cost-effective windows on the market. 

Types of Vinyl Windows 

The following outlines the 3 most popular types of vinyl windows available to you:

  1. Standard – The standard vinyl windows is nothing more than that, standard. There are no additional material types within the composition of the window. While the cheapest available, they may – eventually – result in complications such as fading and even cracking. The frames are typically thin and are typically not as durable as other types of vinyl windows; however, they are effective and with the proper maintenance, will last a while. 
  2. Composite – These are much stronger than standard vinyl windows because of the fact that many materials are used to create the frame. Materials such as wood or fiberglass may be mixed with the PVC. The frames are thick, durable, and long lasting. Yes, these are a bit more expensive than standard vinyl windows; however, the additional cost is worth it in the quality. 
  3. Engineered – This type of vinyl window has been blended and uniquely processed in the manufacturing stage to be exceptionally strong. Various qualities are typically associated with these window types. Examples include the integration of insulative properties, fade-resistance technology, and increased strength. 

Contact Us 

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We are licensed, insured, and guarantee that you will be satisfied with both our products and our service. To learn more or to set up an appointment to get your home improvement project started, call us now at the following number: 770-904-9909

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