What Make Double Hung Windows Ideal for Homeowners Seeking to Replace Their Current Windows?

Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window – sometimes referred to as a “double-sash window” – is a specially designed product that has two sashes that are completely operable and slide up and down. The purpose and intent of the upper sash is to lower down and pull the warm air from the ceiling of your home out through the window.

The lower sash raises up so that the cool outdoor air may be pulled in the home from the outdoors. In this short guide, we will expound on the hardware and technologies that make double-hung windows the absolute best for those homeowners that are in the market to find the perfect replacement windows for their home. 

  1. Inward Tilting Sashes – Each the top sash and the bottom sash actually tilt inwards. This is a special feature that allows homeowners to easily clean the entire window from ease from the interior region of the home. 
  2. Warm Edge – Double-hung windows are created with a special technology that is referred to as “warm edge”. In short, this is a specially-designed heat barrier that is non-conductive. It effectively stops the transfer of heat through the window and aids in reducing the amount you have to pay for energy costs each month. 
  3. Insulation System – Double-hung windows include a special insulation system between the two pieces of glass. This provides the maximum level of thermal-based efficiency to the home. This technology also helps offset the cost of energy. 
  4. Weather Stripping – Double-hung windows contain a head that is deeply pocketed. This aids in increasing the level of resistance when it comes to air infiltration from the exterior of the home to the interior of the home. Better climate control results in higher levels of indoor comfort. 
  5. Interlocking Rail – There is a meeting rail that is placed between the two sashes of the double-hung windows currently available on the market. This hardware feature enhances the security of the home, as a whole. It meets the Forced Entry Resistance Test that is conducted by the AAMA. 
  6. Force Balance – There is a force balance technology that is a part of double-hung windows. This allows for easy operation when opening and makes the window maintenance-free. 
  7. Sloped Sill – All double-hung windows include a sloped sill. The purpose and intent of this feature is to allow water to run-off of the window so that it does not splash back into the home and ruin the walls. 

Ready to Install? 

If you are in search of replacement windows for your home, you will find that double-hung windows are an ideal option. Not only does the associated hardware pieces and technologies work together to provide a high level of functionality, but they work together to create an aesthetically-pleasing product for the home.

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