What Is an Awning Window?

Awning Windows

An awning window is a specially designed product that includes hinges that are situated at the top of the frame and allows the unit to swing outward directly from the bottom. These windows may be operated through the crank of a handle or with hardware that allows for a basic glide.

Due to the unique design, moisture is prevented from entering the structure where the window is placed – even when opened. If you are in the market for replacement windows, the awning window is definitely one of the most popular choices – especially among homeowners seeking to increase the lighting and energy efficiency of their home. 

Where Are Awning Windows Placed in the Home? 

Most homeowners place awning windows in the bathroom and living room of the home; however, they may be placed in any room in the home. Ideally, you should place awning windows in areas where you want additional light and/or increased levels of ventilation.

One of the best features of this window type is the top hinged design. This allows the products to be opened – even during periods where rain is occurring. 

Are Awning Windows Considered Secure? 

Yes, awning windows are secure. These products can only be opened from the inside of the home. Additionally, most homeowners have these windows placed high up on the wall. In turn, this enhances the overall security. 

Are Awning Windows the Same as Casement Windows? 

No, awning windows are different than casement windows. The casement windows have a hinge on either the right side or the left side. Awning windows have the hinge at the top of the product.

These window types are similar in that they both are designed to swing outwards and both are opened and closed utilizing a crack system that simply folds away when it is not being used. 

Are Awning Windows Versatile?

Yes, awning windows have a high level of versatility. The products come in a wide assortment of styles and may be placed in a variety of rooms.

They are designed to match any type of architectural design. They may be placed high on the wall to provide a boost to privacy or low on a wall to ensure easy operation. 

Are Awning Windows Energy Efficient? 

Yes, awning windows have a high level of energy efficiency. They let in a lot of light and have an extremely tight seal. This helps to maintain the lighting level and the temperature level of the interior of the home. When opened, the awning windows allow for an enhanced level of ventilation throughout the home. This, too, helps in maintaining the comfort level of the interior of the structure. 

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