The Ultimate Guide to Features Associated with High Performance Windows for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner in search of the perfect replacement windows, it is imperative that you become familiar with all window types and their associated features. For the purpose and intent of this guide, we will place on the high performance replacement windows currently available on the market and the features that are associated with these window types.

By reading the information contained here, you will be able to make sound decisions regarding what you want and need out of high performance window systems. 

What Is a High Performance Window?

A window that is marked with the label informing consumers it is “High Performance” is one that is designed to maximize all standards – in terms of its level of durability, its safety rating, its level of energy efficiency, and its overall thermal-based performance. 

What Do High Performance Windows Do? 

High performance windows use a wide assortment of measures in order to reduce the energy loan for a home in terms of lighting and climate control. This helps to improve the efficiency of both heating and cooling. In addition to this, high performance windows are able to stand up effectively against severe weather conditions and environmental elements. 

What Features Are Available in High Performance Windows?

There are a variety of features that may be added to high performance windows in order to strengthen them and provide a boost to their overall level of functionality. The following outlines the most common of these features:

  • Foam Enhancement – This feature provides a low-pressure, minimally-expanding foam to the high performance window that allows for a weather-tight seal. It repels and deflects water and allows for optimal energy savings. 
  • Warm-Edge Spacers – This is a specially-designed bar that is used to insulate high performance windows with glazing. It aids in closing off the air cavity that is located between window panes. 
  • Multi-Chambered Frames – These are considered to be a premium type of feature for high performance windows that insulates the sealed air against extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. 
  • Metal Reinforcements – This feature helps to secure a high performance window and prevents cracks in the concrete surrounding the window. Additionally, the metal helps to provide a superior level of insulation. 
  • Laminated Glass – This is a glaze applied to the glass that will make the product less likely to break all out of its frame. It makes the window less of an immediate threat if it breaks. 

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