Sound Control Glass Is Becoming Increasingly Common Among Homeowners Purchasing Replacement Windows

We live in a world that is full of noise. More vehicles are on the streets. More airplanes and helicopters are in the air. Trains, buses, taxies, and public transportation systems abound. There are larger amounts of people and products being used by those individuals – such as lawn mowers, weeders, leaf blowers, stereos, and alarms.

Sirens are seemingly always wailing. Dogs are barking. Cats are calling. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are a homeowner that has come to the point where the noises around your home have become more than just a slight annoyance. Do not fret! Now, you can get replacement windows that include sound control glass. 

Noise Pollution and How It Reaches Us 

Noise pollution is both annoying and considered to be a health risk. The sounds around our homes travel in air waves and pass through the windows and the doors of our home.

Once they reach our ears, it causes the eardrums to vibrate. These vibrations affect the nerve fibers in our body and transmit the presence of these noises to our brain.

While it is impossible to turn off the noises in our world, it is possible to lessen their effects on our health and our comfort within our homes. That is, by using sound control glass in our replacement windows. 

What Is Sound Control Glass? 

Sound control glass is a special type of insulated glass that is designed to block sound waves through the process of absorption. This type of glass is also referred to as “insulated glass units” or “IGUs”. These specially-designed glass panes are capable of blocking noise pollution in the following ways:

  1. Each glass panel is significantly thicker than traditional window glass panels. The increased thickness helps to block outdoor noises much more efficiently than thinner glass panels. 
  2. The glass is often dissimilar. This means that the window includes two different panes of glass that have two different levels of thickness. This is done to block sounds of different frequencies successfully. 
  3. The glass on sound control glass is laminated. The lamination helps to absorb the various sound waves so that the sounds are prevented from moving outside the home to the interior of the home. 
  4. The glass panes that are included in sound control glass systems are spaced with air. This layer of air helps to block sound that attempts to pass through the different glass pieces. If the space is wide, it will be more effective at blocking the sounds. Thin-spaced glass systems are effective, too. 

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