Smart Home Products to Enhance Newly Installed Replacement Windows

Now that your replacement windows have been newly installed, it is quite likely that you have discovered that they offer a new, refreshed look and a massive array of natural light. In addition to this, the products increase both the appearance and value of your home. The security and safety of the structure is enhanced.

Replacement windows also increase the overall comfort of your home. Did you know, though, that there are smart home products that will actually provide you even more benefits with your newly installed replacement windows? Continue reading to learn about the 3 most popular options. 

  1. Smart Tint 

Smart Tint is a type of unique film that may be directly applied to the new glass in your replacement windows. This product allows you to control the overall opacity of your windows – with ease. All it takes is clicking a button or taping an app on your smartphone.

If you turn it on, the window has a high level of transparency. If you turn it off, the glass will frost and it will be opaque. You may purchase non-adhesive Smart Tint or adhesive Smart Tint – the choice is yours!

If you enjoy the ease of use and the way it looks, Smart Tint may be used on other glass applications – such as glass-filled cabinet doors and even your shower door! 

  1. View Glass 

Are you tired of struggling with shades, blinds, and/or curtains? If so, View Glass is for you! This product is often used in government buildings, hospitals, and even the workplace. Now, it is an affordable option for homeowners. This uses the technologies of your smartphone or Android device combined with weather feeds and sensors.

When required, the glass will automatically become opaque. When View Glass has access to an internet connection, it pulls real-time information – such as weather and time – to automate its functionality. 

  1. The Iris Window Sensor

The Iris Window Sensor is a small device that attaches to your newly installed replacement windows. It is perfect for those that want to ensure that their home is secure and safe. Intrusion alerts are sent to your smartphone or another device that you set up (such as a laptop or tablet) through an attached Smart Hub is a disturbance is noted.

You may also use these sensors on other aspects of your home, such as exterior doors, patio doors, garage doors, gun cabinetry, and even a safe! 


Once you have replacement windows installed, you should not stop there. In today’s world, the Smart Home is becoming the best home. By conducting a little research, you are sure to discover many creative solutions for your windows, your doors, and more!

If you have not yet had your windows replaced, we here at Chattahoochee Windows can assist you! We offer a multitude of options that are perfect for any architectural style.

To learn more or to set up an appointment, you may contact us immediately by calling: 770-904-9909

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