Should I Replace the Windows of My Home with Awning Windows?

According to statistics, replacing windows throughout the home could provide you with a 71% return on your investment if you elect to sell that home in the future. If you are not planning to sell, replacement windows can result in higher levels of comfort, increased natural lighting within the home, and may result in energy savings due to their high level of efficiency.

While you may choose from many different types of windows, awning windows remain to be a favorite among homeowners. In this guide, you will learn about these specially-designed windows. 

What Is an Awning Window?

An awning window is one that is designed with hinges on the top and opens directly from the bottom. These do not open and close in an open and down manner. Instead, they open outwards. It has just one sash and includes a hand crank that is used to open and close it.

These windows are more wide than high and they are typically rectangular-shaped. When opened, the glass that goes outward forms a shape that is similar to an awning. This is where the name of these windows comes from and how the design for the feature was created. 

Highly Versatile Windows 

Awning windows are considered to be one of the most versatile of all windows because they may be used in several different rooms in and around the home and for many applications. Consider the following:

  1. You may integrate awning windows high on the wall in the bathrooms of your home. This will help increase natural lighting, aid in moisture control, and provide privacy. 
  2. If you are looking to sleep in a room with a little fresh air, these may be added to a bedroom wall. Best of all, they are highly secure, so, you can sleep assured that you will remain safe. 
  3. The kitchen is an area where awning windows may fit in perfectly. Simply open them to increase the ventilation in the room or keep them closed and just take advantage of the natural light that pours into the room. 

How Does the Awning Window Work?

Awning windows have a built-in crank system that allows you to open and close the product. Typically, there are locks located on each side of the window. Usually, these have to be unlocked before the crank mechanism will work. This offers you a higher level of security.

You may then control how little or how much the window open. It does not matter if it is just a crack or a full 90-degree angle! When closing the window, turn the crank mechanism the opposite direction. Once closed, lock the window on each side. 

Many Advantages 

Awning windows offer many advantages. These include improved ventilation, optimal natural lighting, the fact that you can keep them open in all weather conditions, a high level of privacy, unobstructed views, and optimal security. If you are in the process of choosing the best replacement windows for your home, contact us today at Chattahoochee Windows.

We can help you decide if awning windows are right for your home. If not, we offer many other products such as bay windows, performance windows, casement windows, and more! Call us today: 770-904-9909

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