Prepare for Hurricane Season with Our High-Quality Performance Windows

The performance windows that we offer here at Chattahoochee Windows have been created and manufactured in conjunction with top-notch architects in order to provide a highly authentic appearance and the highest-quality impact resistance. These are our highest-performing products and are designed to be the most productive, in terms of both energy efficiency and protection.

The composite exterior of our high-performance windows is designed to be highly durable in environments known to experience less-than-favorable weather conditions.

Additionally, our products are highly resistant to corrosion. If you are in search of an aesthetically-pleasing window that will provide ample protection during the worst of conditions and greatly increase the value of your home, look no further than our vast selection of high-performance windows. 

Keep the Weather Out

Our high-performance windows are created with specially-designed features that will keep the weather out:

  • The corners are sealed with the highest-quality product to ensure that the frames remain very tight, regardless of the environmental conditions. 
  • The sill may come sloped on the double-hung performance windows. 
  • Many have a sill put into place that will aid in directing water away from the home. 
  • The weather-resistant seals in place on our high-performance windows are designed to withstand several inches of rain each and every single hour. 
  • The performance windows in our inventory are designed to withstand the winds from both tornadoes and hurricanes. 
  • The combination of sealant and high-quality gaskets placed on our products help to keep both air and water out. 

Built for Strength

We utilize only the highest-quality materials in the window products that we offer. This includes the sash and the frames. We personally guarantee that each of our window products are designed for optimal strength. In addition to this, our products are fully insulated and are absolutely versatile.

Each is guaranteed to exemplify the finest quality and the highest level of beauty. Our performance windows have all been tested in the most rigorous manner possible. All have passed the tests. We guarantee optimal protecting for your dollar! 

Exterior Variety 

When shopping our high-performance windows, you will find that we offer a large assortment of exterior trims and in a wide assortment of colors. Even in the harshest of all environments, these require very little maintenance.

You will find that the colors remain exceptionally vibrant and that you will never observe chipping or have to repaint the products. You will not have to wash or wax these products in order to ensure that they retain their beauty. 

Contact Us Today 

Chattahoochee Windows offers the largest selection of high-performance windows currently available on the market. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you can start your preparations by having our replacement windows worked into your home.

Not only will you find that these products deliver the highest level of protection, you will find that they enhance the look and the feel of your home. For more information, contact us today by calling the following: 770-904-9909

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