Popular Options and Features for Individuals Electing to Install Bay Windows in Their Home

Bay windows are specially-designed products that include two windows that are angled, connected to another that runs parallel to a wall within the home. These gorgeous accents bring dimension and aesthetically-pleasing complexity to the exterior of the home and enhances the beauty and appeal of the interior of the home.

Not only do bay windows enhance the look and feel of a structure, they provide a boost to its overall functionality and offer numerous benefits for a homeowner. While buying and installing bay windows in the home is a reward unto itself, there are many options and features associated with these products that you may choose from. Continue reading to learn more.

Argon Enhanced Low-E Glass

By choosing to add argon enhanced low-e glass windows to your bay window, you are taking a step that aids in protecting against air leakage from the home. Additionally, these glass options are designed to effectively block the UV rays from the sun, which eliminates the possibility of those rays damaging the interior or interior components of the home.

By choosing this option, the glass in your new bay window will help the temperature near where it is located to be around standard room temperature. It will help in completely eliminating the air currents and the air drafts from occurring when opposite temperatures meet.

Furthermore, you will find that the window will control the solar heat gain that often occurs from natural lighting going inside of a home through a window.

Decorative Knee Brackets

When shopping for a bay window for your home, you will find that you have the option of adding decorative knee brackets to the window. This is highly advised.

These brackets are – ultimately – designed to support the bottom area of the unit; however, they are also used to enhance the look and feel of the bay window by adding a unique decorative flair to the product.

Window Grids

When shopping for a bay window, you will find that you may add window grids to the product upon installation. These window grids provide a boost to the curb appeal of your home and the unique design elements of the structure.

In most instances, these do not increase the structural integrity of the windows or serve a purpose; however, they allow you to create a unique and appealing look with your new bay window. Window grids are known for increasing the value of a home when they complement the unique architecture associated with the property.

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