New Windows Address Safety Concern In Home – Tempered Windows and Doors

I had never thought of old windows and doors causing safety concerns for my family until my son put his hand through a window on a door in our home. A trip to CHOA and 40 stitches later he was all good…but our door (and my nerves) were not! After mentioning the incident to Maurice he explained that some older windows and doors do not have tempered glass which can cause a safety concern especially close to the floor.

This week we had an install at a condo in midtown with a family of 5 who also had a safety concern that resulted in them contacting Chattahoochee Windows and Doors. The lower portion of the windows were made of acrylic and therefor were not a safe option for this family with 3 small boys. When Maurice came to assess the situation it was determined that the safest and most cost effective way to fix their problem was to completely eliminate the small lower window by replacing the Hardie Board and replace the upper window with casements and picture windows. This not only updated the look of the condo but also made it a safe place for their growing family!

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