Need New Windows? Choose a ClimaTech Insulated Glass Package

If you are in the market for new windows for your home, you will quickly discover that you have many options in terms of type, décor, and general style. Very few homeowners realize that they also have options when it comes to the glass placed within the new window frames.

Why not opt for a glass package that offers enhanced security for your home and increases the overall energy efficiency of the structure? Once you have your frame picked out and move on to the glass feature, choose ClimaTech. This insulated glass package is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for environmentally conscience homeowners.

What Is ClimaTech Glass?

ClimaTech glass is a high-performance, insulated, solar controlled package that offers both year-round comfort, safety, and savings. This glass package offers unmatched combinations of fade protection and energy savings. Not only will the glass look spectacular in your new window frames, but it will offer numerous other benefits to homeowners, their home, and their belongings.

These include the fact that the interior components of the home -such as the flooring, furniture, window treatments, etc. – are fully protected from the potentially damaging rays of the sun, and the heat gain from those same rays are prevented.

The tint utilized on these glass packages is created in such a way that you and your family are capable of enjoying a beautiful view of the great outdoors without experiencing distortion or any type of hazing from the sun.

What Makes ClimaTech Glass Windows Different?

Most of the Low-E glass products that are currently available on the market are created using two metallic-based, vacuumed-deposited layers of glass. ClimaTech packages include a third metallic-based layer.

As a result, it is considered to be one of the highest performing and most energy efficient packages currently available to homeowners. The following outlines the three components of this glass package, in detail:

  1. Insulated Glass – This package includes multi-layered, Low-E glass, as well as argon gas. In the summer, heat and the glare of the sun is repelled and the sun’s rays are filtered out. In the winter, heat from the sun is allowed in and it aids in ensuring that heat does not escape.
  2. Warm-Edge Spacing System – This is a piece of metal alloy that has a design of a U-channel. This helps in creating a dense thermal barrier that works to reduce heat loss. During the winter, this is very effective in keeping your home warmer.
  3. Argon Gas -Argon gas is known to be insulative. It is a completely safe type of gas. It is placed between window panes to optimize the window’s overall level of energy efficiency. It also serves as a barrier to sound, which results in the interior of your home being much quieter from outside noises.

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