Important Consideration to Be Made When Choosing Replacement Windows

Choosing replacement windows is an exciting – but challenging – undertaking. In this brief question and answer guide, we will outline the most important considerations that should be made when engaging in this task.

By reading through the information contained here, you will have no problem at all selecting the replacement windows that are tailored for your home and meet your individual needs, as a homeowner. Continue reading to learn more!

Should I Buy Custom Windows or Ready-Made Windows?

While it is true that most ready-made windows will work perfectly for your home, we advise choosing custom-made windows. These are designed with the highest level of precision, specifically for YOUR home.

Purchasing ready-made windows may require additional carpentry work and may not include the features, colors, and options that you desire; however, you can get all of this and more with custom-made windows.

What Are the Most Common Types of Replacement Windows?

Generally speaking, the most common types of replacement windows are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Most individuals opt for vinyl because of the fact that they are aesthetically-pleasing, do not require a lot of maintenance, are highly durable, have a high level of performance, and an exceptional level of thermal efficiency.

You may choose most any window in any type of style or configuration so that it matches the architectural design of your home. 

Are There Certain Construction Features I Should Look for When Shopping for Replacement Windows?

Yes, there are many construction features that you should consider when shopping for replacement windows. You should consider the following:

  • Heat-Welded Frame and Sashes
  • Steel-Reinforcements for Durability
  • Double-Strength Glass
  • Interlocking Meeting Rails
  • Thick Multi-Chambered Extrusions
  • Multi-Layer Weatherstripping
  • Compression Seal
  • Force Balance System

Should I Choose Certain Types of Glass?

Yes, all windows are up to 80% glass; therefore, you should be very selective about the glass that you choose. You want glass that will protect the interior of the home from exterior heat in the warm months and will help avoid losing heat in the cool months.

It is best to choose double-glass systems that include a thermal insulation to optimize the energy efficiency of your windows.

What Does the Information on a Replacement Window Label Mean?

When shopping for replacement windows, you will notice a label containing three vital pieces of information. Below is an outline of each piece of information and what it means:

  1. U-Factor -This is the level of resistance to the flow of heat. If this is low, it means the window is better in terms of insulation performance.
  2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – This translates into the amount of solar-based radiation that is going through the window. It is best to choose those that are as low as possible between 0 and 1.
  3. Visible Transmittance -This represents the amount of light that is transmitted through a window. If it is high, a larger amount of daylight may shine through the windows.

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