High Performance Windows – A Detailed Guide for Homeowners Considering Replacement Windows

High Performance Windows

When it comes to home improvement and remodeling projects, replacement windows are the way to go! Not only will the new windows instantly transform the appearance of your home, they will optimize your home’s energy efficiency and increase its overall value.

A simple online search will leave you with a vast array of options as there are many different types of windows available. One of the best choices are high performance windows.

In addition to beautifying your home and increasing its overall worth, high performance windows help to improve the interior air quality of your home, reduce the amount of condensation that develops, and also filters out those harmful ultraviolet rays from the soon. Continue reading to learn about high performance windows.

What Are High Performance Windows?

Windows that are identified as “High Performance” are those that use a combination of highly-insulating window frames and other types of unique features in order to reduce the natural loss of heat that is typical of standard windows.

In most instances, they include either two or three panes that are completely separated by spacers that offer insulation. They are placed within frames that are highly insulated. The frames of high performance windows may be composed of fiberglass, vinyl, or even wood.

The air space in-between is then filled with a gas that is non-toxic. Popular options are krypton and even argon. The coating on the glass is low-emissive, which reflects the sunlight and helps protect the interior components and surfaces of the home. 

Reduction in Energy Costs

It is a well-known fact that a window’s level of energy efficiency is the core and most important element when it comes to sustainable design. Based on information derived from the Department of Energy within the United States, windows, doors, and skylights are responsible for up to 25% of a household’s energy costs.

There are other sources that claim these components of the home account for up to 40% of a household’s energy costs. By upgrading to high performance windows, you can successfully reduce both your heating and your cooling expenses throughout the year.

These windows also result in less strain on your HVAC system and other appliances that are impacted by temperature. This means less money spent on repairs and replacements.

What We Offer

We here at Chattahoochee Windows offer high-quality performance windows and quick, professional installation. This means you waste less energy and that you experience enhanced comfort. Our window systems are durable and built to last. You may have low-emissivity glass placed in your window with thermal protection framing.

Our frames include a superior finish and highly-resilient weatherstripping. The precision hardware ensures optimal comfort, safety, and security. We offer many types of windows, apart from high performance.

If you want to change the appearance of your home, reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and increase the value of your home, contact us today to discuss your new replacement window system by calling the following: 770-904-9909



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