A Brief Outline of Hurricane Windows for Residents of Chattahoochee, Georgia 

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While it is true that Chattahoochee, Georgia is considered very low risk for hurricanes, the area has been subjected to these tropical systems in the past. Since the year of 1930, a total of 35 have been recorded in the area. The largest was Hurricane Kate in the year of 1985. The most recent occurrence was Hurricane Lee in the year of 2011.

The tornado risk in the area is high. Since the year of 1950, 85 have been recorded in Chattahoochee. The largest was in 1954. It was a F3 that caused a total of 75 injuries and 5 untimely deaths. When you take all of this information into consideration, all Chattahoochee homeowners should consider having hurricane windows placed in their home. 

What Is a Hurricane Window?

Hurricane windows are those that are specifically designed to offer protection all year long from exceptionally high winds and all associated perils. The frames are constructed with high-strength materials with the two most common being vinyl or aluminum. The glass is impact-resistant.

This is made possible by a glazing process using silicone. The laminated glass will not shatter into shards if it is hit. Typically, hurricane windows include two separate glass panels that are bonded together with an interlayer that is considered to be ultra-strong. 

How Do Hurricane Windows Work?

Hurricane windows for the home are designed in much the same manner as the glass that is used in vehicles. The laminated glass pane is constructed from two pieces of glass that are directly reinforced with a very strong – but highly flexible – polymer layer in-between each pane. This remains intact even if the actual glass is impacted by flying debris.

Not only does this protect the interior of the home from components of storms – such as rain and wind – it prevents the panes of glass from shattering or breaking into pieces that may prove to be dangerous. 

What Are the Benefits of Hurricane Windows for Chattahoochee Residents?

Hurricane windows for Chattahoochee, Georgia residents is highly advised. Despite the fact that there is a low risk of hurricanes, there is still a risk. There is a high risk for tornadoes. This means that you may be easily subjected to severe storms that bring high winds, flying debris, and other complications. The following outlines the main benefits of having hurricane windows placed in your home:

  1. Protection from Hurricanes
  2. Protection from Debris in Tornadoes
  3. Protection from Hail Damage
  4. Noise Reduction 
  5. Protection from the Rays of the Sun
  6. Increased Safety
  7. Increased Security
  8. Improved Energy Efficiency 
  9. Increased Home Value
  10. Reduced Insurance Costs

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