3 Signs It Is Time for Replacement Windows in Your Home

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As a homeowner, you must constantly inspect and maintain your home. Most homeowners place an emphasis on the roof, the siding, and various other systems in the home – such as the HVAC system and the plumbing system.

However, the windows are often overlooked. While it is true that windows improve the curb appeal of the home, aid in optimizing the amount of light that enters the structure, and helps in providing additional security, they also play a large role in your comfort level, your health, and your carbon footprint.

Failure to replace – as needed – may result in additional expenses, health problems, and have a negative impact on the environment. When is it time to replace windows, though? Continue reading to find out. 

Sign #1: Increased Energy Costs 

One of the first signs it is time for replacement windows in the home is an increase in your utility bills. This is especially true if you find that the temperatures surrounding your windows reflect the outdoor temperatures on the interior of the home.

For example, in the summer, it is hot around the interior of your windows and in the winter, it is cold. This indicates that there are drafts coming from the outdoors into your home. If this is an issue, you will find that it costs more to cool or warm the interior of the home.

To create a more comfortable living space, you will need to replace the windows in order to create a seal that keeps the outdoor temperatures outside of the home. 

Sign #2: Condensation 

If you find that your windows are often foggy or that they are covered in condensation, it is time to replace your windows. This typically indicates that the seals have failed. While it is true that you may replace the seals only, the issue is likely to occur in the future.

The more it occurs, the more of a chance that mold, mildew, and bacteria will start to grow on and around the windows. Additionally, the moisture itself could result in damage to the walls surrounding the windows.

By opting for replacement windows immediately, you will save yourself a tremendous amount of money in the long run. 

Sign #3: Leaks and the Presence of Decay 

The third sign that it is time to replace the windows in your home is the presence of decay and any noticeable leaks. This will be most noticeable on windows that have wood frames. If you observe water coming in from the outdoors or water stains surrounding your windows, this indicates that there is a leak.

While it may seem like a small issue, leaks and decay have the potential to detrimentally impact your walls, floors, and other areas of the home. Replace your windows immediately if you notice these issues. Failure to do so could result in a detrimental effect to the overall structural integrity of your home. 

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