3 Budget-Friendly Solutions for Drafty Windows 

One of the most common complaints among homeowners during the winter months are drafty windows. In most instances, these drafts initiate as a result of an issue with the seal or the product’s weatherstripping. It may also stem from an aging window or frame, excessive moisture, and similar issues.

If you have drafts, it is imperative that you do what you are able to do in order to prevent that cold, frigid air from seeping into your home. Not only does this air reduce the comfort level of the interior of your home, but it could also drive up the amount that you pay for energy.

Here, we will introduce you to 3 budget-friendly solutions for those cold drafts coming from the windows throughout your home.

  1. Bean Bag Sock Snake 

If you have some drafts coming in from the bottom of your windows, use a bean bag sock snake! In most instances, these products are utilized on doors; however, they may also be used on window sills!

The average window will need a sock snake that is approximately 36 inches long and 4 inches thick. You should choose those that are composed of a fleece material and have a polyester filling. These are the best – in terms of handling both cold drafts and any associated moisture. 

  1. Storm Windows

The next best solution for drafty windows is having storm windows installed. These are a bit more costly than other methods of stopping drafts, but are the most effective solution. These are mounted to the exterior of the casing of the window.

They include a pane of glass that insulates the entire window. According to the Department of Energy, storm windows can help you save upwards of about 30% on your overall energy costs! 

  1. Bubble Wrap 

While it may not be too pretty to look at and highly tempting to pop, bubble wrap is an excellent way to prevent drafts from windows. This is sold in large rolls. You simply take the wrap, cut it to the size of your window, and place it up with double-siding tape that will not damage the sill or frame when removed.

This is a super cheap way to resolve any drafts without breaking the bank! Once placed, you can increase its overall effectiveness by placing thermal curtains over the windows. These use multiple layers of fabric to insulate. 

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If you have drafty windows, there are many cheap solutions to stopping the draft; however, eventually, you will need to address the problem. In most instances, this resolution involves having replacement windows installed throughout the home.

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