What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are specially-designed structures that are mounted either on the inside or the outside of windows that are already in place on a home.

These windows may be composed of glass, sheets of plastic that are highly flexible, or plastic panels that are rigid. The mounting may be temporary or permanent. The functionality is similar to that of insulated types of glazing.

While considered to be less expensive than replacement windows, most architecture and structure professionals recommend having double-pane or triple-pane high performance windows installed over storm windows as these offer the highest level of protection. 

What Is the Purpose of Storm Windows?

On the modern home, storm windows are typically used to improve the thermal-based insulation of a window. Additionally, they aid in soundproofing the home. These specially-designed products are also put into place to protect the home against damage that occurs during various types of inclement weather.

In older or historic homes, storm windows were mostly utilized in windows when the screens were removed and to prevent heat loss during the winter months. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Storm Windows?

Despite being inexpensive – which is a major advantage of storm windows – there are a couple of disadvantages associated with the products.

If placed on the interior of a window that is already in place, the storm window may increase condensation. Not only does this result in visual obstructions, the moisture has the capability of damaging the surrounding window frame and walls.

If placed on the exterior of the home, condensation may develop, but the structure often has a negative impact on the overall appearance of the home.

These issues by be avoided by placing vent holes in the product and placing an emphasis on ensuring that the fit is sealed, but most people prefer high performance replacement windows as there are no disadvantages. 

Which Is Better – Storm Windows or High-Performance Windows?

If you are in an area that experiences severe weather – be it regular downpours, hail, high winds, or snow – it is best to have high performance replacement windows installed in your home over storm windows. These windows are typically designed with two or three panes of glass, include argon gas for insulation, and do not require the same degree of upkeep that storm windows require.

Additionally, they are more aesthetically-pleasing. High performance windows not only improve the appearance of your home, but they increase the functionality and overall value of your home. Stress-free, maintenance-free, and typically backed by a warranty, high performance windows offer many more benefits that storm windows. 

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