Types of Skylight Windows for Your Home

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are known for their ability to improve the energy efficiency of the home. These fixtures help to brighten areas that are dim and they aid in the expansion of the overall dimension to the rooms in which they are placed. While providing additional natural light, they help to eliminate costs associated with synthetic lighting.

As a result, you are likely to observe a sizable impact on the amount that you pay for energy. In this guide, you will learn about skylight window types that you may choose from for your home. Continue reading to learn more.

Skylight Types

Generally speaking, skylight windows are classified into three types. These are outlined below, with a brief explanation of each:

  1. Fixed – These skylight windows are perfect for any room in the home that needs a little additional lighting. The views created by fixed skylights have the potential to be highly dramatic. These are often placed in areas that are not easily accessible. These do not provide any type of ventilation, but may use flat or domed windows.
  2. Tubular – These are very easy to install. They are typically placed in halls, pantries, closets, and other types of enclosed areas within the home. The reflective tubing may be easily adjusted and these skylight windows may be placed into very tight spaces.
  3. Vented – These are perfect for any room, but are ideal for rooms that have high levels of moisture. Examples include the bathroom, the kitchen, and even laundry spaces. You may choose a manual version or one with electrical operation. These are typically placed in very high ceilings or even ceilings of a cathedral design.

Energy Efficiency Facts

North-facing skylight windows are known for providing the highest level of lighting without the issue of absorbing or releasing too much overall heat. If these windows are placed facing south, extra heat will be able to enter the home during the winter months.

These may cause the retention of heat in the summer, though. East-facing skylight windows give off the most light and heat in the mornings. West-facing skylights give the most light and heat in the afternoon.

You may choose Energy Star fixtures with ratings that are suitable for the climate where you live. These are designed to completely maximize the level of efficiency of the fixture so that you are able to experience the absolute lowest in energy costs.

It is ideal to choose skylight windows that include tints that absorb heat and offer protection from UV rays. Not only will these aid in protecting your health, they will also help in preventing damage to the interior components of your home.

When shopping for skylights, you should consider those with motorized blinds or covers so that you may have control over the brightness or dimness in the room. These also protect your home from high levels of heat. If you are in the market for skylights, contact us here at Chattahoochee Windows for more information: 770-904-9909

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