Thinking Outside of the Box – Solutions for Complicated Projects

I recently read an article about a skate park in Concord looking to build a skate shop however they needed their windows to provide more then just light. They need windows that can withstand a hockey puck AND protect the local birds from flying into them. I thought this would be a great story to for our very first blog post! So I sat down with our owner Maurice Duvic to see how he would handle this order if they were his customer.

Maurice said that tempered glass is the strongest glass that you can buy for windows however it is not shatter proof. There will always be the possibility of it breaking, however it would be a safer alternative to the annealed glass that comes standard in most replacement windows. Laminated glass is also an option. This glass is not stronger but it will prevent items from coming through the window. The cost for an upgrade like this would be around 30% more then a standard window.

As for the birds, there is a tented reflective coating available that could help in discouraging birds. Unfortunately, their have been cases that have shown that at times this coating can actually attract some birds. Maurice said that you are looking at a 20% increase per window for this coating.

If this was his customer Maurice believes that these upgrades would definitely be worth the additional cost to help fix some of the concerns that the park has.

What are some other qualities that YOU are looking for in a window?

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