The Advantages of Choosing Double Hung Window Replacements

Double Hung Replacement Windows

It is a known fact that the American homeowner prefers the double hung window to single hung windows, sliding windows, accent windows, glass block windows, and other types currently available on the market – and, for good reason! The double hung window offers a traditional look that is perfectly matched to all home styles.

Furthermore, these products are designed in such a way that they allow for optimal energy and cost savings. These beautifully-designed products also increase the value of the home in which they are installed. If you are considering replacement windows for your home, continue reading to learn about the many advantages that come with choosing the double hung window.

Aesthetically Versatile

While the double hung window is best known for its overall classic appeal, it also makes it highly versatile, in terms of aesthetics. These windows are offered in several different styles, colors, finishes, and sizes.

It does not matter if you have an architectural style of colonial, ranch, modern, Victorian, Georgian, Tudor, mid-century modern, or contemporary, you are sure to find the perfect window for your needs. Once in place, these magnificently-crafted products will instantly boost the overall appearance and value of your home.

Vast Selection

While we have touched on this already under the aesthetically versatile section of this guide, we feel it is important that we highlight that fact that one of the main advantages of choosing double hung window replacements is the fact that there is a vast selection of these windows readily available for purchase on the market.

Given the fact that the double hung window is actually the most popular window style among homeowners, it is possible to purchase them in virtually any color, any style, and made from any material. While vinyl and wood are both the most common choices, you may choose other materials, too -such as aluminum.

Low Cost

Given the popularity of the double hung window, these are very inexpensive. In fact, these are probably the most inexpensive window type on the market today. If you opt for additional features such as energy efficiency or low-E panel options, you will pay a bit more, but not too much more.


Double hung window replacements offer the highest level of ventilation and airflow control of any window currently available on the market. You may open the top sash, the bottom sash, or even both of the sashes -the choice is yours!

You will instantly find that the climate reaches a comfortable level in the interior of your home and that the indoor air quality improves almost instantly!

Easy Maintenance

The double hung window is highly durable. It only requires a minimal amount of maintenance. By simply opening the sashes, you may easily clean the replacement windows.

Additionally, the manner in which it opens allows you optimal visibility when it comes to inspecting the hardware of your new windows.

If you would like replacement windows for old homes, you should choose double hung window replacements. Not only will these beautify your home, they will increase its overall value, result in a healthier home due to the superior ventilation and visibility, and will help in offsetting energy costs.

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