3 Reasons Casement Windows Are the Optimal Choice for Your Home 

Casement Windows

If you are in the market for replacement windows for the home, you will quickly discover – with just a bit of research – that you have many options available to you. There are bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, awning windows, and several other types currently available on the market.

If you are in search of replacement windows that exhibit beauty, style, and versatility, the optimal choice is casement windows. In this brief guide, you will learn 3 reasons why. 

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are specially-designed hinged windows that are created to open in an outward manner, either to the left or the right. When opening, it opens similar to that of a door.

These are often referred to as “crank windows” and well-known for the fact that they result in the highest level of ventilation among window types.

Most homeowners who integrate casement windows into their home will place them in areas that are difficult to reach, such as the bathroom or immediately behind a kitchen sink. 

Why Should I Choose Casement Windows for My Home?

There are numerous reasons why you should purchase casement windows as replacement windows for your home. The following highlights the top 3 reasons, according to home owners and window specialists:

  1. High Level of Energy Efficiency – When it comes to an operable styled window, the casement window is considered to be the single option that offers the highest level of energy efficiency. The sashes of the product will press directly into the window frame, which creates a very tight seal that keeps exterior air out and interior air in. You may also integrate special frames and glass to the casement window to experience higher savings on energy through the lifespan of the product. 
  2. Excellent Ventilation – The casement window has a special hinged design that allows the actual window to move to a fully open position. This results in higher levels of airflow. The level of ventilation experienced with casement windows is completely unmatched. This is why many choose to place casement windows in large rooms and areas of the home that are prone to high moisture levels. It does not matter if you want to experience an outdoor breeze on the interior of the home or air out a room, you will succeed when using a casement window. 
  3. Match all Architectural Styles – If your home is like most, it exhibits a specific architectural style. The great news is, casement windows will match ALL architectural styles. These windows are designed to look clean and elegant. By integrating colonial-styled grilles, you may create a traditional look. By leaving grilles behind, you can match a modern home. The choices are endless and all result in a window that perfectly matches your home! 

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