3 Popular Types of Grilles for Replacement Windows 

If you are in the market for replacement windows, it is imperative that you have a basic understanding of window grilles. According to homeowners, the types available and the technical terms associated with those types may prove to be a bit confusing.

In order to select replacement windows that will beautify your home and increase its overall value, we have elected to create this guide for you. Here, you will learn what window grilles are and be introduced to the 3 most popular types among homeowners. 

What Is a Window Grille?

A window grille is a narrow strip of material – such as metal, wood, or vinyl – that is utilized to separate the glass used in a replacement window into the “panes” or the “lites”. In most instances, these are designed purely for the purpose and intent of aesthetics.

This means a grille is not a component that is required for the actual structure of the window. Grilles may be basic lines, patterns, or even crafted to create a unique ornate feature. In short, the window grille increases the appearance of both the window and the architecture of the home. 

Popular Grille Types 

There are numerous window grille types available on the market today. The following outlines the 3 most popular types as rated among homeowners who have recently had replacement windows installed in their home:

  1. Queen Anne Window Grilles

The Queen Anne window grille is similar to that of a prairie pattern. These feature four very small square divisions within the corners of the window and one larger lite that is located within the center of the pattern. These are appropriate for both classic and modern architecture types. 

  1. Radius Window Grilles 

The radius window grille fits within a spoke that is quarter round, a half round, or even segment-shaped. These resemble the rising of the sun. When placed on replacement windows, this grille type increases the overall charm of the architecture. These come in a wide assortment of patterns and are typically used in homes that display classic architecture. 

  1. Gothic Window Grilles 

In recent years, gothic window grilles have gained an immense amount of popularity. These patterns include bars that are curved and then are configured in order that they may form lites that appear to be gothic in nature. In other words, they are sort of medieval in appearance. In fact, most compare these to the patterns used in church windows during the medieval times. 

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